Writing Resources

Aurora Public Schools

Access, Communication and Technology Team 



Assistive technology should be provided as a continuum of support, starting with least supportive and moving to the most supportive, as needed.

Please refer to the Writing Continuum for more information.


Educational Technology: provides district level technology resources that are available to all staff and students.  


Instructional Resources & Curriculum in APS also has great information on their website to support reading and writing.



Information developed by APS Occupational Therapy team to provide support and suggestions related to handwriting legibility concerns.

Free worksheet maker from Handwriting Without Tears website which uses adapted lined paper.  Free registration required.


Text Reader: 

Read the Words  http://www.readthewords.com/

Read the Words is a free, web based service that assists people with written material through the use of Text To Speech (TTS) Technology. It reads many different types of documents aloud and can support students in re-reading their written work during editing.




For students with access to net books look for typing programs under the Education tab

Free online typing program at http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/typing/


Boardmaker:  http://www.mayer-johnson.com/

Boardmaker can be used to add pictures to text to increase comprehension and writing production.

Boardmaker supports can be as an accommodation or a modification.  Consult with your building consultant to determine the appropriate use for your student.

Boardmaker Share:  http://www.boardmakershare.com/

Online community for finding Boardmaker activities.

Free registration required.

Boardmaker is available through the ACT Team.

Contact your building consultant or assistive technology specialist for more information on borrowing and using Boardmaker.


See sample activities created with Boardmaker:

Color coded sentence cards: 

Developed for emerging writers to address sentence structure. 

Color coded sentence card directions

Color coded sentence cards

Written language topic boards:

Developed for beginning writers who have some sight words and understanding of sentence structure.

Written language: School day

Written language: Cats and kittens


The ACT team can support students with disabilities with a variety of writing software.  The following are quick guides to get staff and students started with using this technology.  Please contact your building ESS consultant or ACT team member for more information

PixWriter:   www.suncastletech.com

Software which uses a word bank of words that pair pictures with text.  Student clicks on a word in the word bank to build a sentence.  Words are read aloud as they are selected.

Under Free Stuff tab are samples of boards and activities that pair pictures with text.  Samples are categorized by month.  http://www.slatersoftware.com/document.html

Write OutLoud:  http://www.donjohnston.com/products/write_outloud/index.html

Auditory word processing software.  Includes a talking spell checker and word dictionary.

Co:Writer; http://www.donjohnston.com/resources/cowriter6_index.html

Word prediction software

WordQ and Speak Q:  http://www.goqsoftware.com/writing-products/

When used together this software combines word prediction and speech recognition.

Download free 30-day trial at https://www.goqsoftware.com/try/download-30-day-trial/download-30-day-trial-page/