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DRA2 Topic Boards

The ACT Team has developed a variety of topic boards that can be used to support students during DRA2 assessments. 

 Topic boards are picture communication displays.  They were originally designed to be used along with the individual's residual speech skills and any other communication techniques.  When topic boards are used in conversation, all parties take turns using the board while speaking.  As the message is verbally expressed, the speaker points to key words that correspond to words or concepts in the statement or question.

DRA2 and Special Education

For additonal information on the DRA2 - please visit the district assessment website:  http://assessment.aurorak12.org/assessment-and-resources/mondo-dra2/ 

Below are the topic boards that have developed. They are organized by DRA2 Levels.   If you have other books that you need for assessment, please contact your ACT team member.

Level 3

Level 4

Level 6

Level 8

Level 10

Level  12

Level 14

Level 16

Level 18

Level 20

Level 24

Level 28







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